Catcar Aftermarket
Catcar Aftermarket
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Model Series Year from Year to
BJ40 Closed Off-Road Vehicle 12/2013
BJ40L Closed Off-Road Vehicle 04/2016
BJ80 Closed Off-Road Vehicle 04/2016
E SERIES Hatchback 03/2012
E SERIES Saloon 04/2013
SENOVA CC 04/2015
SENOVA D20 Hatchback 11/2014
SENOVA D20 Saloon 11/2014
SENOVA D50 04/2014
SENOVA D70 05/2013
SENOVA D80 Saloon 04/2015
SENOVA X25 11/2015
SENOVA X35 05/2016
SENOVA X55 01/2016
SENOVA X65 03/2015
WEIWANG Bus 04/2011
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